In addition to his own creative output and teaching, Sheldon assists and supports the aspirations of musicians and vocalists towards the fulfillment of their dreams and musical pursuits, be it in help with songwriting, playing and arranging for ensemble, special recording projects, concerts and more.


Utilizing Sibelius Music Software, Sheldon is able to produce accurate and professional musical scores for any kind of song or band arrangement. Chord charts and lead sheets are often needed by a vocalist for songs with unpublished musical scores. Transcribed scores are easy to create for brass and reed instruments. To get the most out of rehearsals and recording sessions, well-prepared music charts are a must-have.

Accompaniment (live and recorded)

An accomplished accompanist for vocal classes, recording sessions and all types of performance, Sheldon is able to accompany songs in a multitude of genres; bringing his artistry, sensitivity and enthusiasm to every setting. Playing piano for vocal classes and concerts in the Boulder area for 20 years, he has worked with master vocal teachers Divi Nelson, Sarah Townes, Marlene Carvalho and Monica Augustine.

Consultation and Mentoring

Blending his background as a seasoned musician with a keen ear (not just for music), a compassionate heart and perhaps just a touch of wisdom, Sheldon has been helpful to many aspiring musicians, helping to shape and define their goals, set realistic steps, and navigate the complex world- coffee houses, demos and recording, concert booking, record labels -of the music industry.

Arranging and Producing

Arranging may mean setting chord changes to a singer’s melody line or writing out horn parts for the wind section. Consult Sheldon for a full range of possibilities and services.